We are here to support our guests on their personal healing journey, whether that may be focused on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or holistic healing, and to ultimately live a life of true health, happiness, and purpose.

Sanará Wellness

Sanará's world-class Wellness Center forms an integral part of the Sanará experience, both within our core Cleanse & Heal wellness programs, and as a supporting service to our hotel visitors and retreat attendees.

Our independent therapists, as well as visiting international alternative and complimentary practitioners, provide our guests with a wide range of treatment options, whether you are simply in need of deep relaxation or an energy boost, a complete rethink in your lifestyle, or are dealing with a health crisis.  Treatments include: nutritional and lifestyle consultation, traditional Mayan healing, Aromatherapy, BioMagnetic Therapy and BioDecoding, Body Harmonization, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, therapeutic Mayan & Ayurvedic massage, clay and mud detox therapy, and reflexology. Additional specialized treatments may be available from visiting practitioners at various times through the year.

Treatments and therapies are offered within the Wellness Center in one of our 5 highly-equipped and luxurytreatment rooms, and many therapies may be taken in the privacy and comfort of your room, including massages, detox baths, and one-to-one counseling/consultations.

We also encourage our guests to explore the potential of their own personal healing journey, particularly utilizing the space and location of Sanará and Tulum.  Consciously grounding and earthing yourself whilst walking on the beach or paddling in the water is therapy in itself.  Freeing yourself from the burden of the stresses of your every day life, connecting with nature, and just breathing will all help to bring you to a new level of vitality.  We offer advice and several weekly workshops/talks and excursions to help you get the most out of your healing at Sanará.

All our treatments are available a la carte, although we recommend for full benefit and healing, that we customize a treatment program for you during your stay.  You may choose to follow a Cleanse & Heal program, which may be booked in advance or selected as an additional option on arrival, or we can suggest a range of therapies and treatments suited to your needs and to fit in with your stay with us.  We also welcome bookings from visitors who are not staying at the hotel.

Sanará Spa

In addition to our healing therapies, Sanará offers a range of spa treatments to soothe, relax and rejuvenate.  If you did not have time to prepare yourself for your time on the beach, or you simply wish to treat yourself while you are with us, we offer a wide range of services, including: facials, pedicure, manicure, waxing, and other more advanced rejuvenation treatments.

We source and utilize pure and natural ingredients for all our treatments and therapies and within our Sanará range of products which are available for purchase within the Wellness Center or our Boutique.

Supporting Traditions and Giving Back

In collaboration with Sanará's Wellness Center we are instigating a social enterprise program within local Mayan villages to ensure that ancient healing traditions are carefully documented and taught to younger generations so that this vital knowledge is not lost.