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Art with Me: What IF We Talk?

It is a huge pleasure for Sanará that you are being part of the energy as we co-host the Art With Me GNP 2019 Festival this year.

Join us into an immersive experience to inspire, protect and preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Friday, Apr 26th at 2.30 pm

What iF we talk? - Curated by Charlie Stuart Gay and Daniella Hunter, featuring special guests:
Kimmie Weeks, President of Youth Action International, Liberia, and founder of the Child Disarmament Brigade, Liberia.
and Valeria Roldan, Founder of Tulum International School, a passion based educational program focused on personal and global sustainability.

After the talks, join us to our following event at 5.30 PM
by Nacho Arimany, Alessandra Montana & Bogdan

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