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Art with Me: Special Yoga Sessions + Talks by Dashama

Join us in our Special Yoga Schedule participating in Art with Me festival - - for a morning gathering with our very special guest teacher Dashama.

Dashama is an award winning international happiness expert, author, speaker, life and business strategist with a thriving global community of over 300,000 health conscious spiritual entrepreneurs, change makers and seekers on the path. She has spoken at the United Nations, Sony Motion Picture Studios, University of Virginia, Warwick Business School in UK and collaborated with Harvard Medical Professor Dr Sat Bir Khalsa. Dashama has written 5 books and has starred in and produced 32 yoga, mediation and health related instructional DVDs, numerous online and offline training courses, certification programs and hundreds of videos reaching millions of viewers through her media and TV partnerships such as QVC, ATT Uverse and Broadband TV. An international media favorite, she has been featured on Oprah Winfrey Network, ABC news and Discovery Channel Seeker Stories, Wall Street Journal, Times of India, Vogue Arabia, Cosmopolitan Germany, Teen Vogue, and Men's Journal to name a few. She has worked with and/or been sponsored by fortune 500 brands such as Nike, GoPro, Cadillac and Banyan Tree Resorts. 

Dashama travels the world spreading the message that anyone can heal and transform their life and create the life of their dreams. Connect with her through social media @dashama or at one of her online or live trainings world wide. Learn more about the Oneness Movement #Om4Oceans campaign to solve the United Nations Global Goals at or learn more about Dashama and her other initiatives, retreats, training programs and offerings at


Friday, April 26th
10 AM - Dayo: Dancing / Yoga mediation. 
This fun and awakening practice is based from Osho’s mediation Incorporating vibrating, body shaking, dancing, Kriyas, seated meditation and ending with Savasana. 60 minutes open to all levels.
Followed by:
11 AM -Can the Oneness Movement Save the World?
For thousands of years, humanity has been divided against itself. Wars over land, power, greed, & resources have ended countless lives and lead out planet to a condition almost beyond repair. We we have further solidified our borders, creating walls & separation based on religion, race, nationality and belief systems, humanity is on the verge of mass extinction with rising climate change, mass animal extinction and scarcity of water and resources for billions of people on earth. Is it too late? In this powerful and timely talk Dashama shares a vision for the solution to solve the world’s most pressing issues. Joining forces with the United Nations to tackle the UN global goals, in partnership with 1,000 social media influencers reaching a billion people collectively and in partnership with Gnation, to unite the change makes as a massive tribal force for good, the Oneness movement, OM, can and will heal the world. Join us.

Saturday, April 27th
10 AM - The flow state
Vinyasa yoga flow combined with Kundalini and dance movement meditation to connect with the sacred flow of the universe. This is a 60-90 minute class open to all levels of yoga practice (waiting list preference is given to students with prior yoga experience) and designed to open your body, heart and mind to the infinite potential and capacity for love and flow to transform and heal, awakening you to expansive openness and living life as an offering of love.
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11 AM - How can The Flow State Transform Humanity?
Taoism teaches us that everything exists in a constant state of flow. Nothing is static in the universe. In this thought provoking talk, Dashama explores the philosophical, psychological, spiritual, medical, entrepreneurial, experiential and scientific perspectives of the most powerful state of consciousness, the flow state. The flow state is the state where you feel interconnected to the supreme source of creation, beyond thoughts, one with infinite intelligence, wisdom, love, expansive, liberated & accessing the highest power as a force of goodness & contribution in the world. In this talk, Dashama discusses Harvard and other university research as well as real world examples supporting the experiential application of living in the flow state to enhance human creativity, productivity, well being, contentment and happiness.

Sunday, April 28th
10 AM - Kundalini tantra
In this sacred practice we combine the ancient practice of Kundalini yoga and tantra to awaken and activate the flow of creative life form within you, clearing any blocks to abundance and flow of love and miracles. Open to all levels, includes mantras, breath, mediations, yoga asana, Kriyas, partner yoga practices, self massage and dance. 


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