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Art With Me: Head in the Clouds Exhibit by Anna Kin

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS: The Dreamer Series

Anna Kin's Photography Exhibit at Art with Me festival - -

April 24th - 28th
From 10 AM - 6 PM

Anna Fishkin: Photographer
Born in Minsk, Belarus, Anna grew up in former Soviet Union where years of dance and ballet training began to shape her future interest in photography. During teenage years her family immigrated to United States as political refugees. While learning the workings of the Western capitalist system, Anna’s creative expression shifted to the more solitary activity of drawing and painting. During college years at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Anna continued to moonlight as an illustrator, creating technical pen-and-ink drawings for architecture and archeology books and magazines. Later she transferred to Columbia College in Chicago and graduated with a BA in graphic design and photography. After a successful decade-long career in advertising, she felt unfulfilled and began modest exploration of acting and creative writing courses at University of Chicago. The resulting inner discoveries led to a graduation from commercial life and a subsequent move to Tulum, Mexico, in 2009. While reinventing herself as a photographer on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, Anna traveled extensively throughout the country exploring its hidden corners and indigenous mysteries. Always persisting on continued dialogue with the developed world, she also spent half her time in New York City, assisting and learning from photography masters Bill Phelps and Bjorn Wallander. Anna’s current photography work is focused on showcasing simple elegance and honest luxury of a lifestyle connected to the beauty of nature. She continues to travel all over the world and is passionate to resume the production of her documentary film project in Peru’s Manu National Park – ‘Pacha Kuti: Return of the Machiguenga’.