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Bobby Klein - Archeology of the Soul

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Dr. Bobby Klein is a Psychospiritual counselor, clinical psychologist and multi-dimensional healer and teacher. He is the translator and interpreter of the ancient I Ching Oracle, which serves as a teaching and healing tool to the world. After 40 years career in the healing arts and as an intuitive psychologist, analyst, diagnostician, and life-path consultant in Los Angeles, Bobby moved his practice to Tulum, Mexico and became the founder and director of Yäan Wellness Energy Spa. Bobby hosts events in Tulum and around the world that focus is to open the heart to Spirit by taking the journey to remembering one’s authentic self.


Dr. Bobby Klein hosts lectures, workshops and seminars around the world which focus is to open the heart to spirit and to take the journey to remembering one’s authentic self. Integrating simple and dynamic forms of meditation, energetic healing techniques and methods of expanded consciousness, Bobby teaches us to move in to harmony and abundance and discover our intuitive force.

Earlier Event: December 22
Later Event: December 28