The driving force behind this award-winning project has been two extraordinary individuals who have been a couple working and exploring their worldly horizons together for over 10 years.

Daniella Hunter was working as an underwater photographer in the Riviera Maya in 2001 when she first fell in love with the area. 11 years later she made the decision to relocate to Tulum with her family and partner - business activator and humanitarian - Charlie Stuart Gay.

Looking to realize their dream of creating a curative boutique hotel where guests could heal, breathe and be free, the seeds for what would become Sanará were sown.

With the assistance of long-time Toronto-based partner, David Woolfson, and a group of willing supporters, the dream became a reality at the end of 2014 when as OBI (Oxygen Beach Investments) they opened Sanará.

Such has been the response to the project that the owners have been invited to bring the Sanará hospitality philosophy and designs to other areas including a stunning beachfront location in Belize, as well as select lifestyle destinations in USA cities.