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Sanara Tulum & Drift Magazine

Of the saturated plethora of decorative table top reads, magazines and online publications alike, Drift Magazine is the seed and soul.

Making their printed debut earlier this year, Sanará Tulum recently had the pleasure of hosting the seasoned talents of Editor In Chief Adam Goldberg, and Creative Director Daniela Velasco of Drift Magazine. The freshly percolated publication is dedicated to coffee, it’s creators, and more importantly black gold lovers all-around.

A memento imbued manifestation of Goldberg & Velasco’s urban obsession with coffee and it’s existence, Drift Magazine is created for the city chic and street dwelling individual. Simultaneously drawing attention to each unique and personalized experience, Goldberg & Velasco’s trained eye beautifully captures every last vital sip.

With it’s current publication on stands now, take a glimpse into Drift’s undeniably captivating photographs below.

Full Moon Yoga

It was a night of celebration, as Sanara Tulum held it’s seasonal Full Moon Yoga & Mayan Ritual program. Located inside the hotel’s sky lit studio, the event took place February 3rd, 2015 on top of the white coveted beaches of the Rivera Maya. 

Curated by renowned instructors Alessandra Montana & Luna Limon, the intimate study delves into yoga, meditation, and traditional Mayan practice. In paying homage to the ancestral ritual, guests are presented with a lovely alter comprised of various seeds and floral offerings for the full moon.  

Summoning what the Mayan’s refer to as the ‘Vision of The Universe’, the class begins with a light meditation. The rooms energy is carefully cleansed with an incense copal cup, while the drumming of the Temazcal drum pulsates throughout the background. Calling upon the five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and ether in an effort to manifest the moons energy, the Yoga practice begins. 

Light stretching and breathing exercises are skillfully guided by both Alessandra and Luna. The group is then coupled off, instructed to practice together, ultimately unveiling a palpable energy amongst one another. Finally, the group is formed into a circle with the pressing of hands, and the divinity of energy is conceived. 

Overlooking the Caribbean sea, the full moon rises. Alessandra lightly touches upon crystal singing bowls ending the course in a final traditional Mayan chant, accepting the new moon into our hearts, mind, and spirit.  

The next Sanara Full Moon Yoga & Mayan Course is scheduled to commence March, 5th 2015. Shh! It’s a secret… guest are allowed to bring personal items onto the alter in order to ultimately capture the moons sacred energy for themselves. Don’t forget to bring yours, I recommend  ( a ring, bracelet, or a journal page). 

Beauty & The Beach - Rebecca Jo leads Tulum SUP classes

"I invite you to move with me, to experience the beauty of this land and help build loving energy in a growing center for conscious awareness. in the midst of the natural movement that constantly surrounds us we will find stillness, floating on the ever flowing sacred waters of tulum. no experience is necessary to find yourself on the board."
Rebecca Jo - Sanara Resident Instructor

Contact Rebecca at

Rebecca Jo brings her unique Yoga practice @ Sanara

Rebecca Jo has joined Sanará as a resident yoga teacher. Known in Tulum as one oft he finest teachers having moved here in 2012 from New York. Now she is launching her own retreat "Alo" at Sanará in June 2014 as well as leading teachings during weekly Sanará retreats and to be available to hotel guests for one on ones.

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About Rebecca Jo
Rebecca Jo began her yoga practice a decade ago in an effort of physical healing after experiencing trauma to her spine. She quickly understood that flexibility and strength were not simple matters of muscle and bone, but also a challenge to one's sensibilities - a shift in perception that lit the path to inevitable self-discovery.

Through the experience of pain, she learned about the healing potential of the human body and has since dedicated herself to sharing that understanding. With an emphasis on re-focusing energy, Rebecca Jo is able to help connect the emotional stresses of her students to their physical goals through breath meditations, conscious alignment based movement, somatics education and practices of presence.  The physical body is used as a teaching tool and guide to understanding existence on a subtle level. Trained in Vinyasa Flow, Forrest Yoga, and Integrated Movement Therapies, Rebecca Jo continues her own study of human anatomy and movement, injury and trauma recovery, stress release, massage and natural healing in order to deepen her own understanding of the human experience.

As the eternal student herself, Rebecca Jo's practice has shifted and grown through her travels - from hosting private retreats in Thailand and Mexico, as well as pop-up events on New York City rooftops and workshops in Berlin. Each new place traveled inspires her to take on unique and exciting challenges in balance and strength, such as her recent innovative foray into stand up paddleboard yoga here in our beautiful Tulum.

Learn more about Rebecca Jo and join her journey at

Homemade Toothpaste

Homemade Toothpaste

It's been about eighteen months since I last brushed my teeth regularly with commercial toothpaste.  And yes my teeth are still here and healthy, and they are actually whiter than before.

The reason I switched to making my own toothpaste was twofold: firstly I didn't want to put more chemicals in my mouth or body, and secondly I couldn't bear the thought of throwing away endless empty tubes or pumps over my lifetime.  The thought of this, multiplied by all the people doing the same around the world, fills me with despair - literally.  Not to rant too much but where does it all go?!!!  I know not everyone will care as much as me, or start making their own, but why aren't the manufacturers finding better ways to package things?  Oh yes, I remember, it's all down to money....

Sanara - Canvas

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Swimming with Whale Sharks

Whale Shark Swimming  @Sanará Tulum     May-September

Tulum Beach is a Baby Turtle sanctuary

Season May- October

Mothers start coming onto the beach in May.  Every night Turtle Watch teams will clearly mark the new nests and then 2 months later perfectly formed baby turtels hatch and make their comical but utterly beautiful way to the water's edge and in an instant, just like Life of Pi, without looking back, they will ride a wave out to the start of their new life!

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