Earth Day

It's just another beautiful sunrise in paradise, as the cool winds of the beautiful sea carefully sway throughout the hotel on this steamy hot day in Mexico. The soothing sounds of the caribbean crash upon the beach in rhythm with the rustling of the palm trees lining the shore. The sounds resonate with the acknowledgement that today we celebrate Mother Earth, today is Earth Day.

In 1969, activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the earth and the concept of peace. Awakening a notion of change and it's possibilities available at ones little green fingertips. Alongside the hotel's philosophy for sustainable living, it is with large hearts we pay homage to the importance of McConnell's message to care and nurture for our planet.

The Sanara Tulum team has thoughtfully prepared freshly farmed coco palms and other local plants for guests & friends to collectively seed throughout the hotel. Together with the hotel's landscaping artist Jossemar Rivera & Benito Barcenas, Sanara's visionaries Daniella Hunter and Charlie Stuart Gay invite all guest and friends to participate and share the importance of today, Earth Day.

Our Restaurant is Open

The Real Coconut, Sanara's beach side restaurant and bar, is now open and serving very yummy, healthy caring food and drink to hotel guests and Tulum beach comers!

Menus have been created by co-proprietor Daniella Hunter, with a Tulum chef, nutrtionist, and kitchen team trained by her for a few months in a town facility before the first meals were served at the hotel early in February.  Beach lovers and Sanara yoga students are also loving our juices and smoothies throughout the day, all prepared with home made ingredients. The bar is kicking into gear with a superior wine list created by the head of International Sales for USA's esteemed Silver Oak winery. Our Mojito needs to be sampled over and over again!

Hotel guests are loving the recipes and the ambiance and our restaurant team are loving  serving our guests.

Coconut Oil for Natural Beauty

Coconut Oil for Natural Beauty

If I had to choose one beauty product to take to a desert island, (and I sort of now live on a Desert Island Beach @ Sanara Tulum) it would be, without doubt, coconut oil.  Having said that, I am sure there would be coconuts on said desert island, in which case I would just make my own coconut oil!

Coconut oil has so many diverse uses, many of which involve its use in cooking, or for consumption, but this post is dedicated to the benefits and pleasures of using coconut oil in your beauty or personal care routine.

Homemade Coconut Milk

Homemade Coconut Milk

When I was living in the UK, I dreamt of a tropical island lifestyle where I could go outside, lop off a few coconuts from the trees and make my own coconut milk, whilst padding around in a bikini.  That dream is now a reality! And while I’m not living on an island, Tulum is a tropical paradise where coconuts do grow on trees!

So, having made coconut milk hundreds of times over the years, I suppose I should share this simple recipe, with my new tropical twist!

Mint Choc Smoothie

Mint Choc Smoothie

"You simply have to try this"  Charlie says as the benefactor of Daniella's choc mint smoothie.  "I am weening off chocolate and cow's milk , both of which I have enjoyed endless blissful moments with all my life. Yet Daniella has supplement my desire with this drink... Its amazing and you can share one with us when you visit"

Homemade Toothpaste

Homemade Toothpaste

It's been about eighteen months since I last brushed my teeth regularly with commercial toothpaste.  And yes my teeth are still here and healthy, and they are actually whiter than before.

The reason I switched to making my own toothpaste was twofold: firstly I didn't want to put more chemicals in my mouth or body, and secondly I couldn't bear the thought of throwing away endless empty tubes or pumps over my lifetime.  The thought of this, multiplied by all the people doing the same around the world, fills me with despair - literally.  Not to rant too much but where does it all go?!!!  I know not everyone will care as much as me, or start making their own, but why aren't the manufacturers finding better ways to package things?  Oh yes, I remember, it's all down to money....

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