Meet Adriana Mangino

Offering the perfect balance of direct and uplifting instruction, Andriana Magino is one of Sanara's finest yoga instructors and this is why you need to know her. 

Originally from Mexico City, and now fully fledged Tulum expat, Adriana Mangino began her study of yoga eight years ago when she felt her body and mind asking for something more. The certified Vinyasa teacher combines an eclectic blend vigorous and fitness based Power Yoga. Adriana takes pride in knowing that her students are not just bodies on a mat, she enters lives, and they enter hers.  

The highly celebrated Power Yoga class introduces an emphasis on strength and flexibility, and is considered by many to be the “gym yoga”. Both Ashtanga & Power Yoga classes are taught by Adriana Mangino, all levels are welcome. Please see yoga schedule here

Photography by Mark Heartman