Our Grain Free Real Coconut products now in 2000 Stores! How can this BE?


There was a day when our Sanará builders asked Daniella and Charlie how they wanted the kitchen to be designed at the hotel. Daniella thought for a moment.

They didn’t have a chef, they didn’t have a menu! But they had to keep building and our hotel was to obviously need a restaurant and immediately! . Daniella turned inside and created magic - a “diet” magic that she knew had healed herself from a childhood of misery in hospitals, and the magic that had sustained here through digestive health.

For years Daniella had been knocking coconut shells in cold English backyards to get to the precious meat that she then turned into a wondrous array of products for her own healing and then for the enjoyment of her family. She knew she could create a unique menu and she gave herself permission to. At the same time Charlie knew that Daniella’s foods had healed him of chronic allergies and also snoring! So he said “Go for it darling!)

In 2014 six months before Sanara opened, menus were posted, and the kitchen was planned and equipment was ordered.

Within 6 months of opening she was invited to go to Austin to cater her food to the leadership of Whole Foods!

A year later Daniella and Charlie had perfected a tortilla and chip run in a USA manufacturing facility and on January 1 2017 the first Real Coconut bags were on Whole Foods Market shelves in the Southern Pacific states.

A national roll out followed in 2018 and today with massive support from distributors, retailers and a growing magical team working around the world influenced by Daniella’s magic, The Real Coconut can be found in 2000 stores in the USA, UK and this month commencing in Canada - as well as The Real Coconut offering free shipping for online orders. Chips and Tortillas made with coconut flout and then Cookies made with plantain flour, are yours for the eating both on the beach in our wonderful restaurant here and also for when you are at home - dreaming being on the beck with us! (Come back soon!)

Daniella and Charlie are on an inspiring mission to support sustainability and we are all fortunate that they were never held back by any limiting belief of “HOW can we possibly do this?.”

The Real Coconut is magic and we are all thankful .