A Magical Wedding Review

“Our Magical Wedding!”

Reviewed TripAdvisor February. 

We have been working to plan our wedding at Sanara since August 2016 and we just completed the process. We were married on Saturday, February 25th and it was the best day of my life :) A lot of people contributed to the success of the event, but the staff at Sanara was instrumental. 

From the moment we arrived last August, we were welcomed with open arms and a front desk staff that was happy to speak with us. Interestingly, this was not the case with hardly any of the other venues in the Zona Hotelera, many of which would barely give us the time of day when we spoke with them about the potential of having our wedding there. We met Lauriane first and she was, and continued to be, the greatest pleasure to work with. 

I travel for work a lot and I am fortunate enough to stay at a lot of upscale venues, so I feel like a bit of an authority on the topic. For those who haven't been to the property or The Real Coconut (restaurant) yet, I can confidently tell you that the photos are real and you will not be disappointed. The rooms are beautifully decorated, clean, cool, and make you feel like you're truly on a wonderful vacation. The sand is white and soft and the Caribbean Sea is nothing less than breath-taking. At sunset, the sky turns a beautiful combination of pink, purple, and blue and, mixed with the blue-green Caribbean Sea, makes for memories that will last a lifetime. The food at The Real Coconut is all organic and based off a model of contentious eating and sustainability. There may be a lot of ingredients you don't recognize on the menu, but the food never disappoints. We have never eaten fresher fruit and vegetables, not to mention their shrimp which was outstanding. 

Planning a wedding will always require a lot of discussions, negotiations, and planning, but Lauriane never lost that sense of customer service that we all look for these days (and rarely find).

The day of, we had rented out the yoga room and The Real Coconut and the staff made us feel like they were more than happy to be a part of our special day. There were around 12 people helping out in some manner or another with our dinner and all were happy, smiling, and sincere the whole night. There was never a sense that people were obligated to be there. In fact, some of the staff were noting how happy they were to be a part of the event. 

My now husband and I both felt like it was perfect and there was nothing that could have gone better. I am a serious perfectionist and for this to be the case means that Sanara delivered on their promises. 

To Lauriane, Clementine, Rubi, Allegra, Diana and all the others who made our wedding spectacular, THANK YOU. You will always be in our hearts with the memory of that week.

Lauren and Keith