Mint Choc Smoothie

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I'm in love with this smoothie and hopefully won't wear out my obsession with it as my partner Charlie and I havee been drinking it for the last year and we sometimes go on stints for days on end!  Every day I wake up and think I'll try something different but just have to go for this one again!

I modified Linda Wagner's recipe (she also has some other great recipes) to get it to how I like it and to include coconut milk kefir which I have also been making every day as I've been trying to get as much coconut, and probiotics into my diet to help with some digestive issues.  I have a post coming up on kefir, and coconuts for health but want to make sure I've perfected my techniques and knowledge first.  With the addition of a significant amount of fresh mint, this is actually a green smoothie in disguise!


So, here is my version of a Mint Choc Smoothie.  Feel free to change it up to your taste also.  This should make 2 big glasses (almost 1 litre):

- 2 cups/420ml coconut milk kefir (you can substitute with coconut milk, almond milk, dairy kefir, or dairy milk)
- 3 large frozen bananas
- 40g fresh mint leaves (this works out as approx 1 small packet, or a good sized bunch.  Strip the leaves from the thicker stalks)
- 2 heaped tbspns raw cacao powder (cocoa powder is okay to substitute though may be slightly more bitter than cacao)
- half to whole dropper of alcohol-free vanilla stevia (I like NuNaturals - or any stevia/agave/honey plus some vanilla extract).  Adjust to taste.

The following items are optional:

- half a dropper of cocoa extract
- half a teaspoon of alcohol free mint extract

Blend everything in your blender (Vitamix preferably!) for a couple of minutes.  Add some ice or cold water if you want a colder, thinner drink.  Add more frozen banana if you want it thicker.  And add more mint if you want it mintier!  See, it's simple!  Garnish with fresh mint and some raw cacao nibs if you want to serve it to impress someone or to take a photo!

I would describe this drink as sublime - I love mint, and I love chocolate so it combines two of my favourite things in a super healthy beverage.  I've been having this as breakfast but have even made up a larger batch to get me through the day when I've been out.

I bought 5 mint plants the other day so hopefully soon I will have enough of a mint bush to satisfy my love of this smoothie without resorting to store bought packets.  Fresh mint is high in Vitamins A & C, full of antioxidants,  great for digestion, a blood cleanser, for nausea, headaches, and respiratory problems among other things so it's a great addition to this recipe.

Enjoy :)