A Magical Wedding Review

“Our Magical Wedding!”

Reviewed TripAdvisor February. 

We have been working to plan our wedding at Sanara since August 2016 and we just completed the process. We were married on Saturday, February 25th and it was the best day of my life :) A lot of people contributed to the success of the event, but the staff at Sanara was instrumental. 

From the moment we arrived last August, we were welcomed with open arms and a front desk staff that was happy to speak with us. Interestingly, this was not the case with hardly any of the other venues in the Zona Hotelera, many of which would barely give us the time of day when we spoke with them about the potential of having our wedding there. We met Lauriane first and she was, and continued to be, the greatest pleasure to work with. 

I travel for work a lot and I am fortunate enough to stay at a lot of upscale venues, so I feel like a bit of an authority on the topic. For those who haven't been to the property or The Real Coconut (restaurant) yet, I can confidently tell you that the photos are real and you will not be disappointed. The rooms are beautifully decorated, clean, cool, and make you feel like you're truly on a wonderful vacation. The sand is white and soft and the Caribbean Sea is nothing less than breath-taking. At sunset, the sky turns a beautiful combination of pink, purple, and blue and, mixed with the blue-green Caribbean Sea, makes for memories that will last a lifetime. The food at The Real Coconut is all organic and based off a model of contentious eating and sustainability. There may be a lot of ingredients you don't recognize on the menu, but the food never disappoints. We have never eaten fresher fruit and vegetables, not to mention their shrimp which was outstanding. 

Planning a wedding will always require a lot of discussions, negotiations, and planning, but Lauriane never lost that sense of customer service that we all look for these days (and rarely find).

The day of, we had rented out the yoga room and The Real Coconut and the staff made us feel like they were more than happy to be a part of our special day. There were around 12 people helping out in some manner or another with our dinner and all were happy, smiling, and sincere the whole night. There was never a sense that people were obligated to be there. In fact, some of the staff were noting how happy they were to be a part of the event. 

My now husband and I both felt like it was perfect and there was nothing that could have gone better. I am a serious perfectionist and for this to be the case means that Sanara delivered on their promises. 

To Lauriane, Clementine, Rubi, Allegra, Diana and all the others who made our wedding spectacular, THANK YOU. You will always be in our hearts with the memory of that week.

Lauren and Keith

Fitness at Dawn

Ideal Teacher- Ideal Beach - Ideal Time

Sanara has one of the word's most stunning yoga studios. This has attracted some of the finest practitioners providing wonderful classes to our guests, as well as others coming from all over the beach. 

Now because we have been able to evolve, we are able to extend our classes to provide you a dawn experience that will set up your day in Tulum and help reset you for your life ahead. . 

There may be no better place for you to rekindle your optimum health and fitness.  An hour on the beach witnessing the beauty of a Tulum early morning, followed by a healthy breakfast at The Real Coconut. 

Sanara fitness



Sponsoring our Mayan heritage



Sanará, the luxury eco boutique hotel and wellness centre located on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, is delighted to announce that it is hosting a major photographic exhibition.

Opening on 31 March and running for three months, Últimos Testigos The Caste War 1847-20?? is a much talked about retrospective by Canadian photographer Serge Barbeau that focuses on the last Mayan descendants of one of the most dramatic episodes in Mexican history. The revolt of the Maya Indians of Yucatán against their white oppressors began in 1847. By 1855, when the major battles ended, the war had killed or caused the flight of almost half of the population of Yucatán. For over 50 years a new religion supported Mayan independence; surviving their eventual defeat, it continues today.

This very emotional photographic testimony consists of portraits of the sons and grandsons of the Maya rebels with the interviews of the protagonists carried out during the shoot.

Sanara’s Studio will be the spectacular backdrop for ten of the original images that have already been exhibited to great acclaim inthe Yucatán capital Mérida, and which will be on display at the Museum Fünf Kontinente in Munich this the summer.

 Últimos Testigos The Caste War 1847-20?? will be open to the public at Sanará for two months. Limited editions of the pictures, accompanied by a copy of the original corresponding interview, will also be on sale. All profits will go to the villages where the pictures were taken, through the Xyaat cooperative, a non-profit Maya organisation in Señor, Quintana Roo.

Says Sanará’s co-owner Charlie Stuart Gay, “The promotion of Mayan contemporary history and culture has always been at the heart of what we do at Sanará, which is why we were so excited when Serge first approached us to host this important exhibition. We are very involved with local cooperatives ourselves, so were delighted to learn that Xyaat will be profiting from the sale of these powerful images.”

For further information please contact:

Suzy or Nicola at Jori White Public Relations Ltd

Tel:  0207 734 7001

or e-mail: suzy@joriwhitepr.co.uk/nicola@joriwhitepr.co.uk

Cuban Coffee in our restaurant

Our organic Cuban coffee, fresh off the plane from Havana, and delivered in person to Tulum by our man in Cuba. Served daily at The Real Coconut Tulum. We love this coffee, sourced in the South East area of Cuba from a plantation near Guantanamo Bay, for its delicate flavor but also because it doesn't give off the caffeine jitters which other coffees can cause.

It is wonderful that we are supporting pure,organic coffee production from boutique farmers in Cuba. We can also help you arrange to make an exclusive travel excursion to Cuba supported by our Cuban team.

New Sanara Villa

Guests have enjoyed staying over the Holidays in our new villa, located within our beach garden area.

Located on Sanará’s beach side of the property, just slightly back from the beachfront, our 3 bedroom Beach Villa features a stunning downstairs luxury suite with master bedroom and separate spacious living and dining room, and a 2 bedroom suite upstairs.  Internal villa staircases and doors facilitates the Villa to be rented primarily as a 3 bedroom Villa, or separately as luxury ground floor and first floor suites.

The ground floor offers a master luxury suite with a super king bed as well an additional full bed, a large living/dining room with an additional sofa bed and feature an exclusive private back garden area and spacious extended front decks with seating and dining spaces.  The downstairs suite can very comfortably accommodate 2 adults and up to 3 children. This is ideal suited as a luxury suite for a couple or an expansive family accommodation.

Upstairs there is an additional 2-bedroom suite, with a super king bed and additional single day bed, and a further room with a super king bed, to accommodate up to 5 guests.

The central living and dining area may be used for the Villa guests when booked as a whole, or as an addition to the downstairs suite when occupied separately. Entrance to all rooms will be through an internal stairs which allows for customers booking all the rooms to experience a private home or for the ground floor and first floor accommodations to be accessed and secured separately.

The Villa booking ranges from $1,800 to $2,500 USD per night.  To book the Villa please contact reservations@sanaratulum.com directly or through the booking engine.

Booking the luxury ground floor suite ranges from $1,150 and the first floor 2 bedroom suite from $1,150 and can be done only with our reservations team..

Awards Season

We won.... and then we have won Gold again.... and now Sanara Tulum is the official representative of design for hotels across the Mexican Caribbean.

Its always a bit surprising when other peers recognize the brilliance of creativity and so on behalf of everyone involved in the design and building of Sanara Tulum, we are honored to be nominated and then to win awards for our work.

First in October in Mexico city the hotel won the 2015 National Competition in the category of Architecture and Interiors for Hotels from the Asociacion de Arquitectos e Interioristas, Mexico.

Now in November in Cancun we have become recipient of the Gold Medal at the Biennial of Architecture of the Mexican Caribbean.

Charlie Stuart Gay said on winning these awards   "We want to thank the immense efforts of my partner, Daniella Hunter, whose clarity of vision as well as her ability to implement each action became the measuring stick for all our team members to work towards.... then to the team of Studio Arqs here in Tulum. We came together at the start of the project with Lalo and Paulina, after our dear and brilliant Los Angeles space design friend, Sean Knibb traced the layout on the Tulum sand with us, and over two years we have bonded into an immensely effective unit. There are many in the crew that have lived with us through the week and called the Sanara lands their work place for over two years now. Also a huge thank you to all our friends and family who helped propel our vision to reality and of course o God. We thank you"

"Just what we dreamed of"

 Photo By: Pablo Garcia of Studio Arquitectos. 

Photo By: Pablo Garcia of Studio Arquitectos. 

My boyfriend and I have just got back from staying at a new hotel in Tulum. Sanara is absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous from the reception and the front desk staff to our Ocean view room - it even had a newly installed soak bath in the back garden - to the Studio where we had great yoga teachers in a studio which was the best I have ever practiced in anywhere in the world ... I had an amazing Mayan massage and afterwards we walked for ever on the Tulum beach. 

The Sanara beds and their linens somehow made me have the best nights sleep in my entire life and waking to sun rises will always stay with us, until we get back again ... Thank you everyone at Sanara.

Another satisfied customer. thank you for the lovely review Bellaholpop

Meet Adriana Mangino

Offering the perfect balance of direct and uplifting instruction, Andriana Magino is one of Sanara's finest yoga instructors and this is why you need to know her. 

Originally from Mexico City, and now fully fledged Tulum expat, Adriana Mangino began her study of yoga eight years ago when she felt her body and mind asking for something more. The certified Vinyasa teacher combines an eclectic blend vigorous and fitness based Power Yoga. Adriana takes pride in knowing that her students are not just bodies on a mat, she enters lives, and they enter hers.  

The highly celebrated Power Yoga class introduces an emphasis on strength and flexibility, and is considered by many to be the “gym yoga”. Both Ashtanga & Power Yoga classes are taught by Adriana Mangino, all levels are welcome. Please see yoga schedule here

Photography by Mark Heartman

Sanara's Signature Bedding

Sanara Bedding

Fashioned from imported bamboo and cotton from Italy, Sanara’s signature bed linens are designed for the ultimate luxury in sleeping. The perfect balance of rich textures and  sensibility are sure to awaken one with precious delight. Sumptuously opulent in craftsmanship, the T300 thread count is constructed to withstand the test of time. Unifying  contrasting textures in the all white palette, the Sanara sheeting is divinely soft to the touch yet durable and machine washable.

King Sheet Set - Including both flat & fitted sheets and two pillow shams.  -$295

King Duvet Cover Set- Featuring a standard duvet cover with two pillow shams. - $275

Sheet & Duvet Cover Set Pack  -Featuring a standard duvet cover. Including both flat & fitted sheets and two pillow shams.  -$495

Queen Sheet Set -Including both flat & fitted sheets and two pillow shams. $275

Queen Duvet Cover Set - Featuring a standard duvet cover with two pillow shams.  -$255

Queen Sheet & Duvet Cover Set -Featuring a standard duvet cove. Including both flat & fitted sheets and two pillow shams. $450

For all purchases please email reservations@sanaratulum.com

A closer look w/ Studio Arquitectos

Once merely a sleepy fisherman's village on the Caribbean coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum has since grown into an epicenter of counter culture eco-tourism. Now a place where high style and down to earth eco-living can co-exist. Our Rudy Gonzales recently spoke with Studio Arquitectos, the highly innovative and sought after architects of Tulum’s most populated spaces to delve into the majestic architecture that is Sanara Tulum.

Sanara Front Desk

Constructed of unparalleled craftsmanship, Sanara Tulum was designed with one intention in mind: to create a tangible place in the world, a space to unite like minded individuals with the common purpose of self-transformation, for greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us... objective achieved!

Your Sanara Tulum hotel is positioned on the highly coveted beach of the Riviera Maya, the hotel’s foundations and structures have been built with the utmost respect and awareness of the sanctity of the land of Tulum. In an effort to incur minimal displacement or damage to the beach, the hotel’s stand alone properties are strategically placed without walkways ultimately allowing Mother Nature to grow harmoniously throughout and with inhabitants of its birthplace.  Each structure is developed and supported on ground-level pilotis, elevating the building from the earth ultimately allowing the continuity of living organisms below. Above, pristine white sands, coco palms, and Mayan chit trees flourish naturally throughout the Sanara Tulum landscape.

RG: How does Sanara Tulum  differ from other hotels in the area?

Studio Arquitectos: ‘The design is based on the respect of the site's original vegetation. The modules were always intended to be elevated from the ground so that firstly it does not impact the ground by it’s column foundations, then, so that turtles and other fauna have the ability to make use of the sites space. Creating a proper ventilation that tropical context requires, allowing hurricanes and strong winds or water to pass through.’  says Paulina Villa CFO of Studio Arquitectos.

Utilizing indigenous materials such as; clay, stone and local Mexican wood the hotel’s design is made for sustainable living. Showcasing details of traditional Mexican architecture, the recognizable and carefully sourced bajareque and tzalam lumber stands strong and tall throughout the hotel’s grounds.

RG: The wood at Sanara is absolutely beautiful, can you tell me more about how and where it comes from?

Studio Arquitectos: Most of the wood comes from the town of Noh-Bec which is an important supplier of the región and is regulated by authorities, the people who are in charge of this place take pride in care and calculating their consumption. It's worth noting, that they sell the wood seasonally in an effort to reforest the woods annually. After 20-25 years of each cycle they cut and analyze the logs to begin the supply again.  Explains Pablo Garcia Figueroa Designer of Studio Architects and Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City alumni.

Sanara Yoga Studio

A more personal touch, is the hand-selected Sanara Tulum tiles comprised of natural materials, the muted colors and geometric composition make for the perfect addition to the  hotel’s minimal esthetic and offer nice balance of  traditional Mexican style.  

RG: There are a lot of details in the design, can you tell me more about the pop tiles showcased throughout the hotel?

Studio Arquitectos:  “The Mosaicos Artesanales are a typical addition to the historical buildings in our country, specifically the región of Yucatán. You can find these tiles in the local haciendas, this type of colorful finishing that gives each space a warm feel. These pieces are very eco-friendly because they are all handmade one by one. First,  they make the mold of each shape. Then, they fill in a mix of cement and at the very top, the artisan will color a finish depending on the design. The materials and pigments originate from nature and the labor is 100% handmade”. - Sayas Pablo Garcia Figueroa.

Sanara Lobby

By necessity, Sanara Tulum takes in consideration the use of local resources. In an effort to conserve energy, Sanara’s floor to ceiling polished concrete walls are beautifully constructed to decrease the usage of electricity, organically cooling the rooms, and most importantly diminishing the cost of waste and repairs. Each wall showcases a beautiful blend of textured of monotone greys that are strategically finished and take several hours to complete. With plans in the near future to implement solar panels on the main roofs of the hotel, Sanara aims to maximize on the energy of solar radiation and the use of sustainable materials.

RG: From your Architectural point of view, how would you say Sanara has enhanced the town of Tulum?

Studio Arquitectos: The architecture and the owner’s concept introduce the perfect example of how health and nature can coincide. Says Lalo Garcia Figueroa, Head Architect at Studio Arquitectos.

Sanara Beach

The sophisticated design, has without a doubt turned a few heads and raised the bar in the business of holistic living. “A modern look for the new Tulum” says Pablo Garcia. As Tulum continues to develop so does its community. To deny change would be denying the inevitability of Tulum’s growth. “The idea was intended to uplift ourselves, our guests, and our world, as we walk our own paths to healing and ultimately leading lives of wellness and harmony." says Sanara’s Creative Director Daniella Hunter.

Dedicated to 'building dreams', Studio Arquitectos is highly celebrated for producing contemporary designs in the most natural environments. Creators of the Tulum’s most recognizable locations such as; Hartwood, Gitano, and now your Sanara Tulum. 'It's with the highest acknowledgement and gratitude to call the team of Studio Arquitectos family.

Conceived on the affinity for social good and sustainable living, Sanara is built on the firm belief for both the care of our ourselves and for our environment. Together alongside the creative minds of Studio Arquitectos, Sanara Tulum opened it’s doors December of 2014.

It’s true what they say, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”, however, you don’t know what you’ve been missing until it arrives. Sanara Tulum, heal with us.

 Studio Arquitectos Team 

Studio Arquitectos Team 

Site images by the wonderfully talented Brian Magallanes