Our dear Sanara and The Real Coconut friends and family,

It is with very heavy hearts that we are sharing this post. On the morning of Saturday 16th March, four of our Mayan team were driving from their village of Chemax to Tulum when a car smashed head on into them, taking the lives of three, and leaving one fighting for his life in hospital. Our dear Pedro, our carpenter almost from opening, passed from this life, along with his apprentice Samy. They may not have been so visible in the hotel and restaurant as some of our other team, but you would have been connected with them through the furniture that they lovingly built in the workshop created for them. They were humble, beautiful souls. Then there was Samuel, one of our dear waiters in The Real Coconut, with a cheeky smile and a desire to serve and please. Finally, young Carlos, only 18 years old, a steward in the TRC kitchen, and who only last month, was awarded Employee of the Month for his incredible spirit and diligent attitude to work. Carlos is in critical condition in intensive care, and our team are going daily to donate blood, and to ensure that they take it in turns to make sure there is someone with his mother and girlfriend at all times. Pedro, Samy, and Samuel all left babies or very young children and wives who were dependent on them.

Our Sanara team, who we consider family, have always been extremely close knit, and supportive of each other, and yet this tragedy has reinforced the understanding that while each of our internal paths to God are ones we can only walk alone, our human experience can be uplifted and transformed by the angels that surround us in our lifetimes. Sanara is truly home to a throng of angels who are coming together to support the families of those who have passed, and to hold vigil for Carlos.

The families of those lost have a heavy road ahead to walk as they mourn their loved ones and try to rebuild their lives, and young Carlos needs all the healing love and strength that we can send to him, beyond only the medical care he is receiving.

We so love all those who make Sanara what it is…when Charlie and I visioned the birth of Sanara in 2013, with the unconditional support of our dear friend David Woolfson, we began writing the score of this symphony that we call Sanara and The Real Coconut…our team are the orchestra who perform this symphony, and add their own improvisation, their spirit, their love into this beautiful performance that you are able to experience every day.

Sanara…means ‘it will heal’. The wounds are painful, but we know that in time, all will be as it will be…however that may look, which only God knows.

Beyond the support that we are personally providing to the families, if you feel moved to support Carlos, and the families that have been left, please go to this LINK. If you have resources that you can share on your next visit…clothes, supplies etc, all will be gratefully received. We will not forget the families and beyond our initial support, are looking to be of support to the wives and children as they grow.

Thank you & with love, Charlie & Daniella