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KM8.2 Boca Playa , Tulum

+1 (310) 933 6408

Sanara Tulum, a luxury eco-hotel with a focus on healing and wellness, is located in Tulum Mexico on one of the world's most sought after beaches, 75 mins south of Cancun.


Food & Drink

Sanará’s beach restaurant The Real Coconut is dedicated to all that is conscious living and follows our foundational health & wellness philosophy that plants form the key to our vitality and that gut health and digestion are paramount to optimum well being

Health and wellness maverick Daniella Hunter, the co-visionary behind Sanará Tulum, introduces The Real Coconut Cafe. The quintessentially cool beachfront eatery is located on the pristine beaches of Tulum, Mexico. Pioneering an unprecedented and unique menu, comprised of energy boosting plates to help optimize health, Daniella integrates key elements of paleo, gluten & grain free and vegan diet practices. She has introduced original recipes such as Coconut Cheese and Coconut Tortillas. All our plates are prepared from the freshest locally grown produce, with options to include sustainably sourced animal proteins.

‘'Every dish is designed to nourish and support both the body and soul down to a cellular level without dismissing the importance of flavor” says Daniella. The Real Coconut"s intent is in developing plates for the curative conscience as a regimen for sustainable living both personally and for the planet..

For guests that may be following cleansing and detox programs, our nutritionist will create a customized menu for you upon arrival.  Depending on your needs, we are able to offer juice-fasts and cleanse programs or supplement/elixir supported detox programs, allowing you to continue to eat light and healthy meals during the cleanse.