Our commitment to environmental and social sustainability is equally important as our commitment to our guests' healing and wellness.

Environmental Responsibility

Building : Sanará Tulum is sustainably sourcing materials for our build and development. Foundations and structures have been built to incur minimal displacement or damage to the beach and to allow for the flow of sand. All of our structures are raised above the sand to minimize environmental impact and to allow for access for nesting turtles.

Energy : Tulum beach properties are all located off the town grid. This means that all electricity needs to be self-generated and fresh water brought in. Rainwater collection systems, grey water recycling, and microbe-based septic systems (Pirana) are being utilized to improve our sustainability model.  Solar power, supplemented by generator power will be used wherever possible and we are investigating additional options for the breakdown of organic waste, and other energy/waste solutions.

Ecology : In addition to sensitive building techniques and infrastructure implementation, Sanará Tulum intends to maintain a commitment to ecological methods. It is our intention to source, wherever possible, local organic produce, and free-range eggs and meat to supply to our cafe and restaurant.

Toxic chemicals and cleaning products will not be used within the hotel (unless required by law) and Sanará’s Wellness Center & Spa will provide products, both for use in the Spa as well as the rooms, which are free from parabens, chemicals, and contain only natural ingredients and dispensed in recyclable glass bottles/jars.

We aim to run as a plastic-free, chemical-free and minimal waste environment. 


Social Responsibility

Charlie and Daniella are curators of Influence Foundation which undertakes global sustainability initiatives and impact programs throughout the world with focus on food, water and education.

Our hotel is passionate about social enterprise and are instigating programs to support our staff through career planning and training, financial literacy, profit sharing and insurance provision.  

We are also creating and supporting programs withing local communities through co-operatives, micro-finance and education and will continue to share these developments as they unfold.

To support the downward economic situation of neighboring country to the south, Belize, the owners of Sanará as well as The Real Coconut, are being endorsed and guided by the government Ministers to work with the small farmers of the country. Daniella Hunter is leading a sustainable development project to educate and train the farmers in a new agricultural strategy.

Our Sanará founders also helped and are Governors of the Tulum International School for primary children of parents living and working in our Tulum community.