Cleanse & Heal is a 3-7 day wellness program which is available throughout the year, comprising of a cleansing dietary plan (either juice cleanse, clean eating, or a mixture of both), consultations and treatments provided through our Wellness Center, exercise and movement at a level you can handle, and counseling/motivational support to help you get the most from your stay with us.

What's Included:

Choice of 3 levels of Cleanse:

The Gentle Cleanse - a balance of juices, smoothies, soups/broths, and light salads.  Perfect for anyone who would like to make changes to their diet & lifestyle, and begin with a gentle start without feeling that anything is missing.

The Deep Cleanse - perfect if you feel would like to experience a deeper cleanse, with the addition of superfood shots and more juices than on the Gentle Cleanse.

The Next Level Cleanse - if you are already following a healthy diet and lifestyle and regularly fast/cleanse, our Next Level cleanse is a great option, and may allow you to enjoy some new ideas and flavors.

Our cleanses are customized to your personal needs and can also be mixed, allowing you to start gently and work your way into and out of a deeper level of cleansing.

You may also choose to support your Cleanse program with additional supplements or intensive detox elixirs as directed by your own practitioners, or identified within our consultations.

All our Cleanse & Heal programs include a Wellness Counselor who will be your point of contact and support during the program, from the moment you sign up, to when you arrive home, and beyond.  They will also help to guide you through the choice of treatments within the program.

Full Nutritional & Wellness Consultation with our Wellness Counselor
1 x Detox Bath
1 x Daily treatment from a choice of:
- Lymphatic Drainage Massage or alternative Massage of choice
- Full body scrub & clay treatment
- Mayan Healing treatment
- Reflexology(including Detox Foot Soak & Magnesium Oil Massage)
- Further Wellness Counselor sessions to monitor your progress

And 20% of additional Wellness & Spa treatments

Daily Yoga and meditation classes
Access to all our other Sanará daily classes/workshops and evening talks (unless specified as a premium class)

Follow Up:
30min follow up consultation with our Wellness Counselor, via Skype or telephone.

Contact Us to find out pricing or to book a Cleanse & Heal program

Philosophy of Cleanse & Heal

At Sanará we recognize that many of our visitors want to escape their busy lives and take time out for themselves, enjoy the sun and sea and the incredible energy of Tulum, and know that these breaks may be the only 'me time' many of us can get. 

We took a lot of time considering this, and created a program which gives our clients as much or as little 'wellness' as they can handle or wish for; both in terms of internal and external healing, cleansing, exercise, and emotional/spiritual growth.  We discovered that many people have a desire to go a bit deeper but also want to have time to simply relax and have some fun too!

Using only hand-picked practitioners and therapists who we respect for their skill, ability and knowledge, you can feel comfortable that you are in good hands.  We are incredibly fussy and only expect the very best for ourselves and our clients.

During your stay with us we will hopefully introduce you to some new ideas to heal and care for you, and possibly also inspire you to take some of this home, as you continue to be kinder to yourself, look after yourself, your mind, body, and spirit in a more positive way.  

We can either offer baby steps, or big steps.. whatever you feel YOU can take on... we are here to facilitate that.