Daniella Hunter

As a child growing up in London, Daniella Hunter suffered from severe asthma and spent much of her formative years in and out of hospital, something which would define not only her entire childhood, but her life as an adult too.

Gradually, Daniella began to notice a connection between her nourishment and wellbeing, and so began a life long interest in health consciousness. Despite missing huge amounts of school through illness, she went on to study economics in Bristol.

Having fallen in love with diving whist on holiday in Kenya, and finding it more comfortable to breathe under water through the regulator than she ever had on land, Daniella decided to move to Egypt and become a diving instructor.

With her asthma now under control, through a mixture of diet, exercise and climate, she returned to the UK and began working for AOL. Finding herself a single mother, Daniella then decided to relocate with her baby son to Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. It was here that she shifted from teaching to underwater photography and video production.

Back in the UK Daniella carved out an extremely successful career as a commercial underwater photographer. But in 2012, still struggling with health problems in the UK, she brought her partner, Charlie, and children back to Mexico and began the journey which would culminate in the opening of Sanará and The Real Coconut.

Daniella and her USA company, launched 'The Real Coconut' product range which is grain, gluten, dairy, refined sugar free with no soy or corn. These are now found in the USA, UK and in 2019 Canada, including her signature coconut flour tortilla wraps and chips. and cookies


Charlie Stuart Gay

London native Charlie Stuart Gay started his business life in the ‘80s in the hospitality industry where he was involved in the launch of the London Arena. After promoting A list concert tours in Australia he then spent much of his career in Los Angeles, initially as a hand-picked member of Cher’s personal management team, and then as a media producer and partner of the late Paramount Pictures president, Frank Yablans.

Expanding his clients live audiences to gather their social media followers, Charlie produced the first series of initial live concert broadcasts inside Facebook, as well as distributing through social media, and has been an executive producer of live video streaming agency Streaming Tank. In 2015 he was the curator of TEDx Tulum, gathering 20 speakers all inspired by the Maya.

Charlie is known around the world for his humanitarian and social enterprise endeavors. He was founding executive director of the Sole of Africa and Mineseeker, with patrons such as Nelson Mandela, Sir Richard Branson, John Paul deJoria and Brad Pitt, and then funded and opened the first women’s empowerment centre in association with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the 24th President of Liberia and Africa’s first democratically elected female Head of State. The College has now graduated thousands of women in Monrovia.

Charlie is also the author of the book, HEAR? and curates Influence Foundation, a global sustainability initiative.